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International Student and Scholar Services
University of Mississippi


Great News!
International Student and Scholar Services is now able to process many of these requests through our new electronic ISSS Student and Scholar Portal!

Please note: There are different ways to login whether you are a new/currently enrolled student, student who is no longer enrolled (those on OPT/STEM OPT), or faculty/staff/scholar.

Once logged in, choose “Control Panel” to get to the available requests.

  • For faculty/staff/scholars, most requests (except for Form 13-S and TN) are being processed through the Scholar Portal. There is also a special process for E-3s within the Scholar Portal.


  • For students, the type of request will depend on where you are on your program (i.e. pre-arrival, currently enrolled, post-completion).These are listed below:
    • Pre-arrival:
      • Dependent (add/update/remove), Intent to Enroll, Arrival Information, Reprint I-20/DS-2019
    • Check-in (30 days before your program start date):
      • Dependent (add), Arrival Information, Applying for a Social Security Number, Applying for a Driver’s License, Reprint I-20/DS-2019
    • Currently Enrolled:
      • Dependent (add), Applying for a Social Security Number, Applying for a Driver’s License, Request Travel Signature, Reprint I-20/DS-2019, Program Extension, Transfer Out, Pre/ Post completion OPT Request (F students), OPT Employer Update (F students)
    • Post-Completion (graduated):
      • Post completion OPT Request, OPT Employer Update, OPT Cap-Gap Request, STEM OPT Extension Request, Reprint I-20/DS-2019, Transfer Out, Contact Information Update (only for those who can no longer login to

We are working to add more requests and functionality and appreciate your patience as we transition to this  system.

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Insurance Waivers

Participation is mandatory for all international students except Permanent Residents and H1B visa holders. Exemptions may be considered on the basis of stated exemption requirements available at:

Student Health Insurance Requirements and Exemptions

If you qualify for a waiver, you must submit a waiver request through the UHC StudentResources page. You can submit your waiver request by going here and selecting “Waive Coverage“. Waiver requests must be renewed each semester.

The deadline for Fall 2021 waivers is September 20, 2021. No waiver requests will be accepted after this date.

Current Students




OPT - Optional Practical Training

All OPT applications require an I-20 with an OPT recommendation. To get the needed I-20 for pre or post completion OPT, use the portal to submit the request.

For STEM OPT applications only, upload the completed STEM OPT packet to the following box folder. After you have the I-20, you can file your application with USCIS by mail or online. You will be given further instructions about how to file after your documents are reviewed and the I-20 that you will need is prepared.  Upload to:

    • Optional Practical Training Pre-Completion and Post-Completion Application Packet- Use the portal to view information and request the I-20 you’ll need. Log in with your web id and password. Choose “control center” and “OPT Request”
    • STEM OPT Application Packet(Students interested in the STEM OPT extension need to complete the STEM Extension Application, G-1145, Form I-765, OPT reporting and Form I-983)
    • Form G-1145 (not used for applications filed online with USCIS)
    • Form I-765 (to be submitted with OPT application) On this page, go to Forms and Document Downloads and select Form I-765 for the latest version. If filing online, create the draft of the I-765 in your USCIS account.)
    • OPT Reporting
    • Form I-983


Click the text to show the forms. Click “Expand All” to see all the forms.

After expanding, you can search by pressing ctrl + f (Windows) or cmd⌘ +f (MAC)

Some forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader/editor. Note that all forms must be signed and submitted along with requested supporting documentation to the appropriate staff person or campus unit.