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OGE – Office of International Programs
University of Mississippi

Funding Support for International Graduates

General Information

  • Funding Support for graduate international students is administered by the Graduate School and by the academic department in which the international student will pursue his/her master’s or doctoral degree.
  • Below are some comments about Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Support for students who hold Graduate Assistant appointments.
  • Additional funding options exist. Please see the Graduate School for further information.
  • International students who are funded by their governments, foundations, employers or other external agencies are encouraged to let the Graduate Program Coordinator of the department to which they apply know.

Graduate Assistantships

  • Graduate Assistantships which require part-time teaching, laboratory assistance, research, or other assistance are available in a number of fields. These assistantships may be funded by external grants and contracts. Certain academic departments offer graduate instructorships, which involves direct responsibility for teaching one or more courses.
  • Stipends for graduate assistantships/instructorships vary, depending on the level of the graduate student, the service to be rendered, and the time commitment (typically ¼ or ½ time appointments are made, or resp. 10-20 hrs per week). Academic excellence, maturity, and teaching or research experience are the main qualifications considered in the appointment of assistants/instructors.
  • Application for a graduate assistantship/instructorship should be made directly to the academic department in which the applicant will pursue a degree.

Tuition Support for Graduate Assistants

  • In addition to the stipend, graduate assistants/instructors are eligible to receive a partial or full support towards their base tuition during the fall and spring semesters (generally 75 percent of base tuition for  assistantships/instructorships paying at least $1,800 per semester; 100 percent of base tuition for a appointments paying at least $3,600 per semester) as well as full support towards their non-resident tuition scholarship (100%).

For more information, please contact the Graduate School.