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International Student and Scholar Services
University of Mississippi

Funding Support for International Graduates

General Information

  • Funding Support for graduate international students is administered by the Graduate School and by academic departments.
  • Additional funding options exist. Please see the Graduate School for further information.
  • Let the Graduate Program Coordinator of the department know if you will be funded by your government or other external agency.

Graduate Assistantships

  • Graduate Assistantships which require part-time teaching, laboratory assistance, research, or other assistance are available in a number of fields. Certain academic departments offer graduate instructorships, which involves direct responsibility for teaching one or more courses.
  • Stipends for graduate assistantships/instructorships vary, depending on the level of the graduate student, the service to be rendered, and the time commitment (typically ¼ or ½ time appointments are made, or resp. 10-20 hrs per week).
  • Application for a graduate assistantship/instructorship are made directly to the academic department in which the applicant will pursue a degree.

Tuition Support for Graduate Assistants

  • In addition to the stipend, graduate assistants/instructors are eligible to receive a partial or full support towards their base tuition during the fall and spring semesters (generally 75 percent of base tuition for  assistantships/instructorships paying at least $2,500 per semester; 100 percent of base tuition for a appointments paying at least $5,000 per semester) as well as full support towards their non-resident tuition scholarship (100%).

For more information, please contact the Graduate School.