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International Student and Scholar Services
University of Mississippi

J-1 Exchange Visitors


There are a few basic requirements for all J-1 Exchange Visitors:

  1. Intent to pursue appropriate activity (such as research or teaching)
  2. Intent to return to home country (as determined by consular officer)
  3. Sufficient funding for program
  4. Appropriate background for program activity (i.e. the J-1 Visitor meets appropriate degree requirements)
  5. Adequate English proficiency (as determined by the host department or by the University of Mississippi)


Professor/Research Scholar

  • Limited to a maximum stay of 5 years to engage in research and/or teaching
  • J-1 Professors may NOT hold or be candidates for tenure
  • Must have a specific objective sponsored by the University of Mississippi, such as to conduct research, teach, give lectures or workshops, or offer consultation
  • – 12-month bar – The 12-month bar prevents someone from becoming a J-1 Professor/Research Scholar for 12 months following any previous J participation (including J-2 dependent status) unless the person is transferring to the University of Mississippi’s program from another J-1 sponsor, or if the person’s presence in the US on a J program was less than six months, or if the person’s presence was as a J-1 Short-Term Scholar.
  • – 24-month bar for repeat Professor/Research Scholar participation – The 24-month bar requires that there be a period of at least 24 months between each stay as a J-1 Professor or J-1 Research Scholar. The 24-month bar is not the same as the 212(e) Rule, also known as the 2-year home residency requirement.

Short-Term Scholar

  • Limited to 6 months, may not extend stay beyond 6 months
  • 12-month bar does not apply to persons who enter in Short-Term Scholar status and wish to return within 12-months in Professor/Research Scholar category


  • Limited to visits of up to 12 months
  • May not fill a permanent or long-term position of employment in the U.S.


The J-1 Scholar application form is for all new J-1 Scholar Researchers and Professors, Short-term Scholars, and Specialists. Also, any J-1 Scholar who is transferring to the University of Mississippi must submit the J-1 Scholar Application along with an approved J-1 Transfer Eligibility Form. J-1 Scholars who are currently at the University of Mississippi must use the J-1 Scholar Extension (can be found on the ISSS Forms page, under Employment Request Forms) form to have their DS-2019 extended.

The J-1 Scholar application form is not for J-1 Students. Prospective students should use the standard admissions application forms and are strongly encouraged to apply for the F-1 Visa.


Step 1: The Applicant
The J-1 Applicant should complete Sections 1 and 2 of the Application for J-1 Visiting Scholar/Professor Form (can be found on the ISSS Forms page, under Employment Request Forms) and sign the statement at the end of Section 2. If the Scholar will be supported by personal funding or by funding from an institute or organization other than the University of Mississippi, the Scholar must also complete Section 3 and include any necessary financial documentation. Once the J-1 Applicant has completed Sections 1 and 2 (and 3 if necessary), the J-1 Applicant should submit all forms to the department which will host him/her.

Step 2: The Department
After receiving all documents from the J-1 Applicant, the department should complete Sections 3 and 4 and submit the entire Application for J-1 Visiting Scholar/Professor (Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4) along with any accompanying financial documentation to International Student and Scholar Services.

Departments should also write a letter of support for any incoming J-1 Research Scholar or Professor. This letter of support is similar to a job offer letter. The letter will be sent by the department along with all documents produced by International Student and Scholar Services, and the letter will be used by the J-1 Applicant during his/her J-1 Visa interview. A sample support letter is included in the application packet.

Additionally, departments should process the Form 1 with Human Resources for any incoming J-1 Scholar or Professor. All J-1 Scholars and Professors must be processed for hire through Human Resources, regardless of the source of the scholar’s funding. Please see the note in Section 4 of this application for more details.

Step 3: The Office of International Programs
After receiving all documents from the scholar and department as well as the proof of finances, International Student and Scholar Services will process the DS-2019 Forms for the J-1 Scholar or Professor and for all J-2 Dependents in the US Citizenship and Immigration Services SEVIS Database (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System).

Along with the DS-2019(s), International Student and Scholar Services will prepare a packet for the J-1 Applicant which will include an invitation letter, information about the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, paying the SEVIS fee, obtaining the J-1 Visa, travel to the United States, and general information about the University of Mississippi and Oxford, Mississippi. The department will be asked to send this information along with their own support letter to the J-1 Applicant (a sample support letter is included in the application packet).

Processing Time: Please submit J-1 applications at least 1-2 months before the intended program start date, and allow at least 1 week for International Programs to process and prepare all documents.