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International Student and Scholar Services
University of Mississippi

Guest Lecturers and Contractors at the University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi encourages the open exchange of ideas and knowledge through the hosting of visiting lecturers and performers. When hosting an international guest lecturer or contractor who will perform services within the United States, the University of Mississippi is limited by very specific regulations from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Labor regarding payment and honoraria.

It is important that hosting departments confirm that payment for services can be made to the visitor before extending an invitation.

Who can be paid by UM

For more information about eligibility requirements and the procedure pertaining to international guest lecturers and contractors at UM, please see the Form 13-S.

HR Form 13 and Form 13-S

To pay any guest lecturer, consultant, or contractor, the hosting department must complete a Form 13 “Paying for Personal Services of Consultants/Independent Contractor” with Human Resources: UM Human Resources.

If the person to be paid is not a United States Citizen and the services to be performed are to be done inside the United States, departments are required to have the person complete a supplement to the Form 13 which is called the Form 13-S (PDF). Along with the Form 13-S, the international visiting lecturer or contractor must provide proof of their employment eligibility. The Office of International Programs will evaluate the documentation, and if the international visiting lecturer or contractor is eligible for payment and/or reimbursement for expenses, International Programs will authorize Human Resources to complete the payment to the contractor.

This verification of employment eligibility for guest lecturers, consultants, and contractors who are non-citizens is necessary to comply with both Department of Labor and Department of Homeland Security Regulations.