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International Student and Scholar Services
University of Mississippi

Housing & Accommodations

As you plan for your arrival and stay at the University of Mississippi, one of the first things that you will probably consider is housing. This section provides you with various housing options and temporary accommodations and requirements. A variety of options are available within walking, driving or shuttle distance to campus. For more information on various apartment complexes, please see the following sites:

Oxford Newspaper – Classified Advertisements

Some apartment complexes offer shuttle transportation to/from campus to its residents, complimentary or at extra cost. The City of Oxford and The University jointly offer O.U.T. (Oxford University Transit), currently free of charge to students. More information on O.U.T. is available at Oxford University Transit.

Many apartments in Oxford require a lease of one year so be sure to read through the terms of your lease carefully before signing. By signing a lease, you are promising to pay the landlord for the entire time listed on the lease. Ending a lease early or violating the lease agreement can cost you the rental deposit or continued monthly payments for the apartment or house. It is common for landlords to require that you pay a deposit equal to one month’s rent when you sign the lease. Additionally, most apartments and rental houses are unfurnished. It is best to check with the landlord about whether furnished housing is available.

Local listings can also be found on Craig’s List. Make sure that the property listed is located in Oxford, as the site serves all of Northern Mississippi.

Temporary Housing

The Inn at Ole Miss ( located on campus)
The University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677
Hotel Desk (662) 234-2331
1-888-486-7666 (Toll Free Only in U.S.)

Hotels in Oxford, MS