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Student Organizations

The University of Mississippi has over 250 officially registered student organizations on campus. Explore this page for more information about international and campus student organizations that may be of interest to our international student community. You can search for more organizations at:


ACAThe African Caribbean Association (ACA) mission is to address issues affecting African and Caribbean students and to facilitate cultural diversity awareness and social interaction within the community and the campus of the University of Mississippi.  The African Caribbean Association hosts ACA Night and is actively involved in the community. More information can be found at


The Association of Bangladeshi Students & Scholars is formed by the Bangladeshi people here at Ole Miss to support and organize the Bangladeshi students and to promote the Bengali language and Bangladeshi culture within the ole miss community.Those who are interested and want to know about our culture and our country please feel free to join us. We will greatly appreciate your presence in our community. Visit their Facebook group here.


The Cultural Connections Club (C3) offers a safe, supportive and less formal environment that helps students C3understand and negotiate the cultural adjustment process, address concerns related to cultural or emotional adjustment, and celebrate the benefits of being in a culturally diverse environment/group.  The group meets weekly and is facilitated by graduate student facilitators with training in counseling. Common topics include academic adjustment (such as talking to professors), language concerns, communication differences/slang, cultural differences, coping with loneliness or homesickness, connecting to home, and concerns related to the university and town. Playing games, discussion, problem solving, assertiveness skills, socializing, and food sharing, are common activities.  Visit C3’s website at


FACSSThe Friendship Association of Chinese Students and Scholars motto of the organization is to keep all Chinese students and scholars together and broadcast Chinese culture. Everyone is welcome to join the Friendship Association of Chinese Students and Scholars. Events include Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival parties. More information can be found at


Members of the Indian Student Association welcome both Indian students and students interested in Indian culture to join them. The ISA group seeks to unify us all and bring us together, to urge the members to interact as a close, well-knit Indian community, to present and interpret society and diverse cultures of India and to promote Indo-American friendship and international goodwill. Visit their Facebook page here.


IASA, the International & American Student Alliance, was founded in Fall of 2015. While several organizations exist to help degree-seeking International students assimilate into life in Oxford (and do a great job at it), we focus more on building one-on-one relationships between International & American students and finding ways for them to connect. We do this through organizing a variety of programs (Conversation Partners, International Neighbors, English Clusters, Grocery Ride Groups, etc.) and events (Social Events, Game Day Tailgating, Bonfires, etc.) throughout each semester. For more information about existing and upcoming programs and events, check out those pages on the website menu tabs or visit the IASA Facebook page here.


The International Ladies Club (ILC) is an open social support group offered for female international students, faculty, staff, and community members, as well as Americans acting as mentors for international members. The ILC also serves as a counseling and psycho-educational group, allowing members to process their emotions and feelings and discuss challenges, strengths, and/or practical strategies for coping. ILC hosts a series of meetings and social events (i.e. art crawl, shopping trips, etc.) to help members build lasting relationships with other international women and strengthen their social support in the community. Visit the ILC Facebook group here.


The Korean Students Association (KSA) motto is “Friendship and Cohesiveness”.  Open to Ole Miss students who were born in Korea or love Korea. The Korea Student Association is actively involved on campus and in the community. For more information, visit


LASOThe Latin American Student Organization (LASO) provides a comfortable social atmosphere for students at the University of Mississippi with an emphasis on Latin American cultural celebration.  Any student, faculty member, or person directly affiliated with the University of Mississippi can be a member of the organization. Events include: Fiesta Latina, Foro Latino, and Cine Latino. For more information, visit their LASO Facebook page here.


MSAThe Muslim Student Association MSA is a religious organization committed to helping Muslim students and faculty fulfill their religious duties, promoting Islamic awareness, and bringing more understanding of the Islamic faith to non-Muslims. For more information, visit


Nepalese Students’ Association at Ole Miss is a group of the Nepalese students, alumni, and friends at Ole Miss committed to help each other and share Nepali culture. Visit the NEPSA Facebook page here.

BadmintonThe Ole Miss Badminton Club aims to organize regular badminton practice for its members, promote this Olympic game as a means of recreation and friendly competition, assisting students, staff, faculty and others who are interested in to develop their badminton skills, and participate in intramural and extramural tournaments. For more information, visit


The Pakistani Student Association (PSA) promotes interest in and awareness of Pakistani culture and current affairs within the Ole Miss community. Through events that bring Pakistan to the fore and stimulate further dialogue, PSA aims to cater to a diverse community interested in developing an understanding of Pakistan: its culture, affairs and issues. For more information, visit


The Saudi Arabian Students Organization (SASO) at OleMiss is the organization that represents Saudi students and encourages good relationship with the American society and the other students of different nationalities. In addition, it promotes civilization, history and heritage of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its activities and programs of cultural, social, sports and media under supervision of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in The U.S. Moreover, it enhances the good inter-relationship between Saudi students. Visit the SASO Facebook page here.


TSAThe purpose of the Taiwanese Student Association TSA is to provide necessary assistance to new students and develop community with current students, while staying connected to alumni.  The Taiwanese Student Association is a support group throughout college and the connections will continue to after graduation. For more information, visit


VSAThe purpose of Vietnamese Students Association UMVSA is to promote an appreciation, awareness, and greater understanding of the Vietnamese community and the culture through the effort of its member base.  Events include “Passport to Vietnam”, “Taste of Vietnam: Pho Night”, Alpha R.E.B.E.L. Day, Eggroll Bowl, etc. For more information, visit


ISSS looks to its International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) as a “management think tank”. ISAB helps to provide a framework for assessing, and for relevantly addressing, matters germane to the adjustment, integration and inclusion of international students on campus. It serves as a sounding board, a source of ideas, expertise and honest advice, within a spirit of collaboration and overlapping, if not mutual, objectives. ISAB is made up of the various international student organizational presidents and/or their executive board members, as well as an international executive board member of the Graduate Student Council.   Visit the Office of the Dean of Students for more information about the official student organizations on our campus.