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International Student and Scholar Services
University of Mississippi

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Welcome on behalf of International Student and Scholar Services

Congratulations incoming students! Your admission to the University of Mississippi is a testament to your hard work and we look forward to your arrival. 

Martindale building with a sign saying "Student Services Center"

Martindale-Cole Student Services building houses student services offices including the International Student and Scholar Services

International Student and Scholar Services is here to assist you before, during, and after your time at the university. You’ve likely already interacted with our admissions team and now it’s time for advice on topics such as applying for a student visa, arranging for housing, registering for orientation, traveling to the campus, and other matters related to your start at the  university. Please use the resources in this guide as well as those on our website for information on these important practical matters.

Supporting your success is what we are here to do. You can reach us by email at to address any remaining questions you may have. 

See you soon,

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International Student and Scholar Services

Table of Contents:

  • Airport Shuttle Information
  • University of Mississippi Orientation
  • International Student Orientation
  • Housing
  • Health Insurance
  • Financial Matters
  • Living in Oxford, MS
  • How to Register for Classes

Here are some important dates to keep in mind as you plan for your arrival to study at the University of Mississippi. Please check the following link for additional information about Newly Admitted International Students


Martindale University

Martindale-Cole Student Services building entrance facing North.

  • Fall 2024 Arrival Date:  Thursday, August 15, 2024 (Free Airport Shuttle from Memphis Airport on this day ONLY)
  • August 16-23, 2024: Required Health Center Visit, adjusting to life in Oxford
  • University of Mississippi Undergraduate Orientation: August 20-21, 2024
  • International Student Orientation (Required Attendance): Online via Blackboard. 
  • Classes Begin: Monday, August 26, 2024


All incoming students need to complete our Arrival Information – Fall 2024 survey by August 1, 2024 (priority deadline). 

Airport Shuttle: For flights arriving on Thursday, August 15, 2024 ONLY

We will be providing a free shuttle service transportation from the Memphis Airport to Oxford on Thursday, August 15 only for flights that arrive between 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. You can sign up for a spot on the shuttle by completing the Arrival Information – Fall 2024 survey.

Martindale Staircase

Main staircase inside Martindale-Cole Student Services building with the seal of the University of Mississippi in the center of the floor

If your flight does not arrive on August 15, 2024

You are responsible to schedule your own transportation to Oxford. If your flight arrives on any day other than August 15th, you will have to arrange and pay for your own transportation to Oxford from the Memphis International Airport. Please look at transportation options listed on our Transportation website. 


Please note that there are different orientations that you will need to attend, based on your status as a student.


Attendance is required to register for courses. For more information: University of Mississippi Undergraduate Orientation

University of Mississippi Undergraduate Orientation will provide you the opportunity to learn about many different aspects of university life, receive your initial academic advising and select your first semester classes.

How to Register:

  1. Go to the “My Ole Miss” portal   
  2. Sign in with your WebID and password
  3. Once you log in, select the orientation tab
  4. Select the ‘Sign Up for Orientation’ link
  5. Complete the form, and click submit once (multiple clicks can result in multiple charges)
  • Your orientation fee(s) can be paid online by bank draft or with a debit or credit card.
  • Your reservation at orientation is only guaranteed once you complete the online registration and payment is received. You will receive an orientation confirmation email to your Ole Miss email account when your registration in confirmed.
*Prior to registering for orientation, incoming freshmen must submit their housing application and pay the $100 housing application fee AND all new students must submit their required health records to the Student Health Center.

Upon registration a confirmation email will be sent to your Ole Miss email account.


(Required Attendance for all new international students. Now available in your Blackboard account!)

OGE Orientation is designed to help you adjust to your life as an international student at the University of Mississippi.

 There is no fee or registration required for the International Student Orientation – you simply attend! Required Orientation will be held online through your Blackboard account.

You will login with your UM Web ID & password. Once you have logged in, please find the course titled, “International Student Orientation – Fall 2024.”

Optional Orientation Q&A will be held in-person on Monday, August 19. This will be a chance for students to ask questions about topics covered in the Online Orientation, such as immigration regulations, healthcare, academic expectations, life in Oxford, MS, among others. More information will be provided closer to Arrival Day. 


Lyceum building with snow

Lyceum building houses administrative offices and is the oldest building on campus, constructed in 1848

You MUST have a housing confirmation secured before you arrive. Whether you live on-campus or off-campus, you will need to contact your desired housing complex, fill out their application and receive a confirmation from your housing complex of your accommodation booking before you arrive in the U.S.A. 

You may not show up the day of your arrival and expect to receive a housing reservation that day. Your housing arrangements must be confirmed prior to arrival.

We offer students an opportunity to purchase bedding in advance by ordering a bedroom and bathroom pack. These will be available in either a twin XL size (for on-campus residence halls) or a full size (for off-campus housing). Students may sign up to receive this through the Arrival Information – Fall 2024 survey


Please keep the following in mind:

In most cases, students classified as freshmen students are required to live on campus. More about this as well as the housing application can be found at: Student Housing Applications    


If you are a first-year student and do not wish to live on campus, you must qualify for an exemption and fill out an application here: On-Campus Housing Application for Exemption.

Options for you to find housing off-campus are listed on our website at Housing and Accommodations. 

It is important to note:

Many apartments in Oxford require a lease of one year so be sure to read through the terms of your lease carefully before signing. By signing a lease, you are promising to pay the landlord for the entire time listed on the lease. Ending a lease early or violating the lease agreement can cost you the rental deposit or continued monthly payments for the apartment or house. It is common for landlords to require that you pay a deposit equal to one month’s rent when you sign the lease. Additionally, many apartments and rental houses are unfurnished. It is best to check with the landlord about whether furnished housing is available.

Some apartments also do not allow check in after their offices close (normally around 5-6pm), so if you arrive in Oxford after that time, please reach out to your apartment about this possibility, and make sure that you will have a place to stay that night until you can check in to your housing. 


 The University of Mississippi requires all international students to maintain health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment and maintenance of status. In addition, all dependent family members of J-1 Visa holders are required by federal regulation to have health insurance at all times while in the United States.

All international students with the exception of those classified in the university system as U.S. permanent residents or H-1 status holders will be enrolled in the health insurance program made available through the university (UnitedHealthcare). It is important to read the summary brochure (retrievable here) describing what is and is not covered. Participation is mandatory for all international students except Permanent Residents and H1B visa holders. Exemptions may be considered if you meet the exemption requirements and ONLY if you complete a waiver. Not everyone is able to complete a waiver. 

For international students with dependents coming with them to the U.S., if you want your dependent to be covered by the UHCSR insurance plan, then you will have to enroll them each semester. We highly recommend you consider this option. Please keep in mind that the cost of enrolling in insurance must be paid upfront at the start of each semester.

Please DO NOT buy outside insurance without checking the ISSS Healthcare and Insurance website

You should also familiarize yourself with the differences between healthcare in your home country and the U.S. Check out this Insurance 101 page from UHCSR  for more information.


The Financial Matters website provides valuable information about many topics related to finances. Please familiarize yourself with the following financial matters as they will be very important for your arrival.


The office at the university that manages tuition assessment is called the Office of the Bursar. All students have a bursar account which can be checked in myOleMiss. You will not have any charges for tuition until after registration for courses. 

If you are living on campus or planning to buy a meal plan for on-campus dining, these charges will also get placed on your bursar account. You can give your parent or sponsor access to see your bursar charges by setting the appropriate permissions in your myOleMiss account. Your parent/sponsor would also need to sign up for a parent webID. See more about this at the Parent WebID website.

There are several methods that can be used to pay your bursar charges. These can be found in the Payment of Tuition and Fees website.


You can find an estimated cost of tuition and other amounts in the Cost of Study website.


The Grove in Fall

The Grove, a central meeting space and host to many events on campus, is full of trees and captures the beauty of autumn.

If you have been offered a scholarship, you will need to accept this award in the Financial Aid award notification section of your myOleMiss account. If you do not see an award that was expected, contact the office that made the offer.


Rules and regulations regarding on-campus employment can be found in our Blackboard International Student Orientation. Meanwhile, you can read information regarding on-campus employment at our website for Student Employment.


Any student who has been offered on-campus employment will have some forms to process with the university’s Student Employment office. This information can be found in the website for Human Resources.  Please note that your first paycheck will be delayed so plan accordingly by bringing enough funds with you to meet your needs until the necessary paperwork for payment is processed.

The biggest factor in the delayed release of employment funds is the need for a Social Security number. If you have lived in the U.S. previously and already have one, bring your social security card with you. We will assist you in applying for a Social Security number upon your arrival but the process will take several weeks. Please note that it may take at least a month for you to receive your Social Security card. It is vital you bring extra funds to support yourself during this time period!


A Social Security number (also known as “SSN”) is issued by the Social Security Administration to all U.S. citizens and non-citizens who are eligible to work. It is used to report your income to the U.S. government and required in order to receive a paycheck.

You may only apply for an SSN in person, after you have arrived in the U.S. and have been made ‘Active’ in SEVIS by following the check-in steps with ISSS (see “CLEARING HOLDS” below).

In order to apply for a Social Security number, you must submit your application in person and include the following documents:

  1. Social Security Application (available at ISSS or found online here: SSN Application) 
  2. Job Offer Letter
  3. Original and copies of immigration documents (I-20/DS-2019, passport information page, passport visa page, I-94)
  4. Status Verification Letter from ISSS

Please check the following link for additional information about Social Security Numbers and ITIN, including the process and required documentation. A Social Security Administration officer will visit campus shortly after classes begin on Wednesday, August 28, 2024. Students will have the opportunity to apply for an SSN on-campus during this time. We will share more information about this closer to the date of the visit.



If you are at least 18 years of age, you may be eligible to apply for a Mississippi driver’s license. To read more about what is required, please visit our website about Driver’s Licenses. 


Cellphones are one of the first items international students typically want to purchase upon arrival. There are various cellphone companies in Oxford, such as, AT&T, T-Mobile, C-spire, and more. Each company has its own set of policies and requirements for cellphone purchase.


The Oxford Square during Winter Holidays

The Oxford Square is the hub of the town of Oxford, where you can shop, eat, and stroll. It is especially festive during the Winter Holiday season.

Oxford generally has a warm, humid climate, but it does get colder in winter!  We would suggest that you pack what is needed upon arrival. This may include things like clothes suitable for the weather, a rain jacket, some toiletries, chargers and adapters. Other items can be purchased once you have settled in Oxford. You may find useful items in the Walmart in town or browse online retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon.


The campus newspaper is called The Daily Mississippian and prints a paper newspaper as well as maintains an online presence. To keep updated with news at The University of Mississippi before and after your arrival, please visit their website at The Daily Mississippian.

Another way to keep updated with the latest news and events going on in International Student and Scholar Services is to follow our social media. Our Facebook page and Instagram profile post photos of our campus, students, and events.

If you want to learn about getting involved around campus with student organizations, you can visit The Forum to learn more about what is offered. We suggest that you reach out to international organizations to get connected before you arrive. 


It is not possible for new students to register for classes until they have arrived to campus and checked in with International Student and Scholar Services to complete the required tasks to clear all holds. You will have holds that need to be cleared by visiting the appropriate office or department on campus and submitting forms to them in-person before you can register for classes.


The first hold you should clear is your international hold. Make sure to have your passport, visa, I-94, and I-20/DS-2019 documents ready with scanned copies to be submitted digitally. In order to clear your international hold, you must follow the steps listed in the “Remote Check-in For New International Students” instructions. Finally, you must attend the International Student Orientation held online on Blackboard to complete all requirements to clear your international hold. By doing all of this, you are able to remotely “check-in” with us, without even seeing us!

Another hold that is required to clear for all new students is your health hold. You will need to visit the Student Health Center located at the V.B. Harrison Building (400 Rebel Drive, University, MS 38677) to conduct a blood test and chest x-ray. ISSS will reach out via email with instructions on how to submit all health and immunization documents at least 4-6 weeks prior to arrival. ISSS will also share information regarding scheduling an appointment with the Health Center to lift this hold.

Please note that these appointments will be scheduled based on the information you have included in your Arrival Information – Fall 2024 survey. If you do not complete this survey, or if you complete it after the August 1 deadline we have requested, your appointment may be delayed. International Student and Scholar Services will not and does not accept any health immunization records. You can find more information about the Student Health Center Information on their website.

Lastly, you should speak with your academic advisor within your academic department to clear your advisor hold. Your advisor is listed on your notice of admission, so you will be able to find it there. Your academic advisor can help you register for classes only AFTER your international and health holds have been cleared. If you are unsure who your academic advisor is, you should contact your department to inquire. For more information, see here. 

We look forward to your arrival!
The Staff of International Student and Scholar Services