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Student Health Insurance Requirements

The University of Mississippi requires all international students to maintain health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment and maintenance of status. In addition, all dependent family members of J-1 Visa holders are required by federal regulation to have health insurance at all times while in the United States.

All international students with the exception of those classified in the university system as U.S. permanent residents or H-1 status holders will be enrolled in the health insurance program made available through the university (UnitedHealthcare). Insurance information is currently being finalized. The ISSS department will be sending out information about the new insurance carrier, UnitedHealthcare, via email in the near future. Please check your e-mail regularly to learn about information regarding insurance requirements, policies, waivers, and other aspects of having health insurance through the University of Mississippi.

This webpage will be updated once insurance information is finalized.

Participation is mandatory for all international students except Permanent Residents and H1B visa holders. Exemptions may be considered on the basis of stated exemption requirements available at:

Student Health Insurance Requirements and Exemptions