OGE – Office of International Programs

University of Mississippi

AETNA Insurance Exemption Request Form and University Health Insurance Policy pdf

The University of Mississippi requires that all non-U.S. citizen (international) students who hold a temporary non-immigrant visa/status and who enroll in academic courses have adequate health (medical, accident and medical repatriation/evacuation) insurance coverage. Therefore, all non-immigrant international students, with the exception of those holding H1 status, will be automatically enrolled in the university contracted student health insurance policy upon their registration for university courses in fall and spring semesters, with the cost of such policy subsequently added to the respective student’s bursar bill, or remitted via payroll deduction in the case of graduate assistants.

International students who hold Permanent Resident, or Deferred Action or related status in the USA are not considered to hold “temporary non-immigrant visa/status” and are exempt from the Health Insurance Requirement for International Students. However, such students may enroll in the AETNA plan as “Affiliated International Students”. See Office of International Programs for more info.

For more information and pdf forms, click on “Insurance Exemption Request and Agreement Form” above.